Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Diab-long and Winding Road

Christmas really did come early this year on May 15, 2012. Awaited so long by millions around the world for more than a decade, the Diab-long and Winding Road in Funan Digital Life Mall in North Bridge Road, is where I was on that evening. 

Diablo III, the dark fantasy/horror-themed action role-playing game by Blizzard Entertainment, third of its kind from Diablo II Lord of Destruction (2001) and Diablo (1996) was announced on 2008 and was finally launched yesterday. 

Acquiring the Asiasoft pre-order card a month ago for this worth the while-sumptuous-long-wait-deal like an original recipe-breast part-seasoned by-11 secret-herbs and spices-chicken piece. Risking everything for this “Hulk Smashing PC Game” which is one of the most pre-ordered pc games of all times in history.  

Seeking for that prized Diablo III box on that night was not as simple as clicking the mouse on hacking and slashing mobs on dungeons. Every envisioned soul for this shall stand the ”The Diab-long and Winding Road” with its every glorious twist and turns on your strong knees, sturdy ankles and a brave heart for the three hour wait. Alas! together with the box is an epic Diablo III mouse pad shall be added to your priceless collections. 

It was really a day in life - yesterday. Rushing to go to the Diablo III Launching from the office, the queue, and finally arriving home sitting in front of your pc where you install and play the game.With my level  7 Monk “yawpangamonk”  in the peak of excitement of playing, got disconnected, and popped out  errors of server meltdown. Very well said enough for the wanting, I needed to sleep. It’s been a long day after all. 

So is this a lesson learnt? A routine once in every ten years? Am I going to hire someone to queue for me next time? What’s the game going to be like when Diablo IV comes? 

But one thing in me is for sure: I’m still going to endure “The Diab-long and Winding Road” for the next Diablo IV, V, VI, VII and so on for the forthcoming years... well, just stay awhile and listen...

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