Thursday, March 24, 2011

why owe you?

The song "why owe you?" is my very first original composition for the year 2011,
written in the first 2 weeks of this March, for my band "Illium".

Performed on acoustic guitar, all by myself on sunday night of March 20,
with the lyrics as follows below:

why owe you?

cold wind blows through the night
unto this lonely sight
pictures and memories
lost in my endless dreams
over you, only you...uhu 2x

dim wick of our candlelight
were once held my fire so bright
emptiness and misery
i long for my desperate need
over you, only you...uhu 2x

erase my madness
dont leave me breathless
please heal my sadness
this total darkness

drift it away 3x
(would you drift it away)

i wish to embrace u tight
to hold u with all my might
torment and punishment
ill be with my undying love
over you, only you...uhu 2x

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