Saturday, May 29, 2010

Starcraft II Wings of Liberty Beta demo at License 2 Play 2010, Singapore Expo

Starcraft. A feared name in the line of PC strategy games in history. This game was released 12 years ago by the undisputed game creator of all times, Blizzard Entertainment. After the “like-never-coming-wait” for four years from the official announcement of Starcraft II, Blizzard will be releasing it finally on 27th July this year.

There’s a single player vs. AI beta crack which is available for download on the internet early this year, for all those who have “itching-rotten-fingers” for this new PC game. However, one cannot enjoy the game at full extent because Starcraft II is server based and an internet connection to log in is required.

The crack does not log in but opens a map file, thus starting a single player vs. AI game. A LAN network game and "campaign-storyline-mission" game is unfortunately not possible. This just proves the saying “haste makes waste”.

As a big fan and an avid supporter for the game, I do have the same “burning-can’t-wait-desire” for the game, but I have decided to forget the beta crack and wait. Why? Is it worth for all the patience? Well then, the answer is a big yes. Starcraft is not an ordinary game, it’s a legend and a classic far better than any strategy game known to mankind.

I rushed to try the online beta demo on the first day, 28th of May of the License 2 Play 2010 in Singapore Expo, hoping to partially quench my great thirst of this game. With all of my expectations, Blizzard never failed me. The gameplay and graphics were excellent even up to of breathing muscles of the Zergs, and the animated detail of the mineral crystals. The booth as seen on the photos above is so Terran based, as obvious as the Marine being equipped on an "Ironman-like-suit" on on the “all-already-have-watched cinematic trailer since 2007. The day ended with hearts fulfilled and stomachs too. Why? Because there’s a Food Fair on the adjacent hall.

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